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              Joc International Ltd. is a major manufacturer and distributor specializing in textiles & garments with its business covering garments for adults, children & babies; home textiles, decorations & accessory; different fabrics of cotton, wool, ramie, silk & chemical fibers as well as knitted fabrics; also handling chemicals, hardware, electronics & machinery, etc.

              Since it was founded in 1982, our company has established many strength manufacturers as well as stable and good business relationship with customers.Now,our company is taking a leading position in China, especially in East China.

              Our company owns a large group of well-qualified employees who have sufficient knowledge and experience in international trade, production and management concerning garments & textiles.

              We can supply specialized,standard and personal serbice to customers all over the world,which has been improving constantly to satisfy our customers at most.

              ADD:8 SOUTH LIYUAN ROAD,JIANGNING DISTRICT,NANJING,CHINA PC:211100  TEL:+86-025-52784808 FAX:+86-025-52784879 Email:webmaster@jocltd.com