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            Product Category
            Sport & casual wear
            Children's wear
            other textile
            daily necessities
            medical appliance
            other business activites
              East China Fair (ECF) is the largest regional trade fair in China with the most traders, great variety of exhibits and the most onsite deals. With an annul 5-day session from March 1st in Shanghai, ...
             Company news
             ◎ Celebrate the East China Fair 2010 successful opening
             ◎ The Mid-Autumn Festival News
             ◎ Notice about the "National Day" and "Mid-Autumn Festival" ho...
             ◎ Textile up-gradation helps increase employment
            Agency Classification  Query by sector Catalog
            The 1st Dept.: Knitted garments, Casual sportswear
            The 2nd Dept.: Knitted garments, woven garments
            The 6th Dept.: Woven clothing, Casual sportswear , shirts
            The 7th Dept.: Woven clothing, ski wear
            The 9th Dept.: Woven clothing, Casual sportswear
            The 10th Dept.: Knit fabric, garments.
            The 11th Dept.: Woven clothing, Casual wear, working clothes, EBB
            Chemical Branch: Chemical
            The Medical Technical Dept.: Draeger medical equipment, medical and building systems
            Trade Development Dept.: Iron ore, timber
            Nantong Corporation: Import and export business and carry out foreign economic and technological cooperation
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